waiting for me

so.   i finished 9 miles–  and i’m happy to report God gave me just enough strength to have a tear-free experience.

God’s strength came in the form of a shiny, new homeskillet.  she deserves a great big holla for my positive experience.

this new ‘skillet was invited to join our running posse at the last minute–and even though we are strangers–  i have been praying for her to join us since the day training started.

i’m used to my super-fit ‘skillets being waaaaaay out in front of me–  and at times i lose sight of them on the trail.  this is expected–  they are faster. watching them move on without me has been a challenge, but i know they’re always waiting for me at the end of the run.

at the end i have my ‘skillets–  but in the middle there’s just me.



it’s kinda not fun running alone.

see–  i’m a girl who loooooves her some ‘skillet time–  talking to my girls gives me energy.

so.  i’ve been praying for God to bring someone alongside me–

“i can’t do this alone, Lord.  i NEED to talk, Lord.  i mean, have you met me!!??   of course you have–  you made me this way.  you know what i need.

what i need is to be in bed.

it’s early, LORD.   sooooooo stinkin’ early in the a.m. — i mean really.   dear Lord.  i haven’t had coffee or a sugary substance of any kind.  sweet Lord. could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help a sista out–  and, throw a slow ‘skillet my way?”

God heard my selfish plea, and He could have answered at any time.

i forget sometimes....

but,  He waited for me to understand and appreciate the TRUTH–   if i’m His,  i’m never alone.

every time i’ve stepped foot on the trail–  He’s been there.

i’ve shared moments with Him these past weeks that have made me KNOW He is real.  through solitude and pain–  He prepared my heart and my eyes to see Him more and more clearly.

and, only after i had time to get closer to Him–  did He answer my prayer.

He brought me a new ‘skillet that runs my speed,  stays at my tempo, and matches my stride.   just like God’s timing– it’s a perfect fit.

AND I LOVE HIM FOR THAT! (throwing up God-lovin’ *spirit sprinkles*)

i believe He waited to bring this sweet, slow-paced skillet into the mix for HIS GLORY.

i see this new ‘skillet as a gift — like He’s  saying,  “i see you.  i love you.  and i am here with you.”

here’s the thing.

if this homeskillet had joined us at the beginning of our training session– i would have appreciated her.  i would have been grateful for a new friend.  grateful for a running partner.  grateful for someone to make the mornings easier for me.

but, where’s God in that scenario?

well.  of course, He’s still there– i just would have been too blind and too focused on myself to see Him.  to appreciate Him.  to love Him for loving me.

having this blessing of a girl join our group after the devastating run i had last week makes me appreciate and love God more.

with each new day and with each new challenge i understand and BELIEVE:

He wants to help me through the rough spots.

He wants to give me strength.

He wants to heal my hurts.

He’s just waiting for me.

and, step by step.

at a slow-‘skillet pace– i know i’m getting closer to Him.

waiting for me...


7 thoughts on “waiting for me

  1. Hey, its Becca from wordpress, I’m just on my phone. This is beautiful, and I’m so pleased for you that God brought this person into your life. Congrats on 9 miles girl! You rock.

      • I feel the same way! God works in crazy ways doesn’t He? I never thought anyone but my mom would read my blog. I hoped that someone would. I figured the random friend would stop by. I also never thought I would use twitter – and lo and behold, God brought me to Stuff Christian’s Like over a year ago to see a response from your husband, and then to follow him on twitter and then see him tweet about your blog and now here we are!! God is GOOD. I feel so blessed to know you, if only in the wordpress universe!

  2. I’ve said it before…I’ll say it a million times after this:

    I am so happy that at this point in our lives God can let wonderful new people come into our lives (or, people of long ago come back) so we can share happiness, sadness, strength, and struggles.

    Love you!

  3. Love this. I’ve been in that place, and (like most of us) I sometimes get impatient when God doesn’t immediately answer prayers. In retrospect, though, I (almost) always see WHY His timing and His answer were perfect. Yet the next time around, I’m going through the same thing. (sigh) Last week I blogged about having a short memory, so I’m glad I found your post today.

    I found your blog not by chance, but through your husband. Do you have an RSS feed, or only email subscription?

    • i don’t have an rss feed (yet). i am so glad you stopped by– this is new for me, but i love having this outlet to really “flesh out” my moments with God (pun intended)….
      and, i’m sure i’ll forget this lesson by the end of the week…

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