the one with depp, gable, stewart, and a side of bacon

yeah i do

movies are kinda a big deal.  i love them.  like a lot.  now, i’m not super critical or artsy fartsy– in fact i may not even know the names of the people in the film.  but when i love a movie it becomes a part of me.

i steal dialogue and use it in every day situations.   i steal style ideas and lamely attempt to transform myself into my favorite character– uhm, in high school i totally rocked some julia roberts hair.  this is how i roll homeskillets.   so, i thought it’d be fun to share a few of my must-see movies.

this list represents all of me–  my heart.  my humor.  my fear.  even my belief in a Creator.

namby pamby!

drop dead fred—  this movie is awesome to the max.  phoebe cates at her cutest.  it’s about a girl who’s lost her spunk–  and her spunk just happens to be named “drop dead fred”.  i admit i sported loafers with long skirts after seeing this film.

sense and sensibility—  this movie is BEAUTIFUL.  kate winslet is a dream.  emma thompson is amazing.  and hugh grant is awkward and english–  sheer perfection.  the last scene gets me every time.  oh!  and i LOVE the music.

strong heart. great friend.

gone with the wind—  THE southern girl epic.  i can’t talk to you if you  don’t love the monster that IS this movie.  the costumes.  the sets.  the score. ahhhhhhhhhhh.  i just want to slap ashley and tell him to BE A MAN. melanie is my favorite character–  she might seem boring but she’s strong, loyal, and has a huge heart.

little women—  of course i love stories about sisters.  this movie has it all– strong women, beautiful music, story, and scenery–  and christian bale (a ooooo gah!).

brain cloud

joe vs the volcano—  tom hanks.  meg ryan.  the meaning of life–  FAITH!  ADVENTURE!  LOVE!  and orange soda.

devil wears prada—  meryl streep is freakin’ AH-mazing.  love her soooooooo much.  patricia fields isn’t a hack either– the clothes in this movie make me glad to be a girl.

my big, fat greek wedding—  sweetest family ever.  i quote this movie ALL the time.  i’m kinda obsessed with it.

use this much?

juno—  uhmmmm.  kinda the best movie– ever.  i want to be juno.  or at least her homeskillet.

signs—  m. night shyamalan does science fiction– and i like it.  joaquin phoenix steals every scene– love him even though he’s gone a little wackadoo.

funny girl—  what can i say about this one?  barbra streisand as fanny brice–  killer.  i love a smart girl that goes for the laugh.  the streisand is at her best.  the end.

IT—  this movie is scary.  that’s all i have to say about that.

it’s a wonderful life—  this is a christmas favorite.  i LOVE jimmy stewart so much and i think the hubby looks a little like him (i’m a lucky girl).  the idea that one person can make a difference encourages me and the love between george and mary makes me smile– and clarence the angel gives me hope.

japanese drinking games

shanghai noon—  this movie is silly fun.  owen wilson is GREAT and jackie chan kicks booty.  i love the slapstick and the banter is classic.

election—  we’ve all known a tracy flick and we’ve all wanted to take her down.   matthew broderick is AWESOME as a frumpy high school teacher and i can’t help but think of him as ferris bueller.  this is bueller — the later years if bueller’s life had taken a sad, twisted turn for the worst.

4 weddings and a funeral—  british comedy.  hugh grant being utterly charming.  love it.

best friends make great marriages

when harry met sally—  quoted this movie all through high school and college.  i love this film.  it gives hope to all of the “friend” relationships that SHOULD turn into more.  my hubby and i started out as friends.  then we weren’t.  then we fell in love.  (true story)

sisters, love, pizza = good stuff

mystic pizza—  the great ol’ — “rich boy falls for the poor girl that works in a pizza parlor” story.  there’s some great sisterly love in this one, too (can you tell i’m missing my boo bah).   good stuff.  good stuff.

steel magnolias—  “my colors are blush and bashful.”  “her colors are pink and pink.”  this movie makes me want to call my best girlfriends and i ALWAYS lose it when sally field yells, “I’M FIIIINE!!!!”

finding neverland—  this movie is beautiful.   picture johnny depp after a bath in his sunday best, and kate winslet as the mother we all wish we could be–  plus a young actor that steals my heart.

she’s having a baby—  what movie list is complete without a kevin bacon film?  this one is so sweet and is a great look at life and marriage.  then there’s this song “this woman’s work”…………


4 thoughts on “the one with depp, gable, stewart, and a side of bacon

  1. Comments on a few of yours:
    I do love Gone with the Wind…it is such a classic.
    Mystic Pizza is just awesome.
    Finding Neverland made my heart warm.
    Little Women – love it, love it, love it.
    Sense and Sensibility – See comment on Little Women.
    It’s a Wonderful Life is a Christmas MUST for JR and me.

    Some from my list:
    Flash Dance & Dirty Dancing – sometimes I just need a dance movie.

    Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II – Kevin Smith humor is relaxing for me.

    Love Actually – one of my very favorite Christmas movies that I could watch any time of year.

    There are so, so many more – but these stick out for me today. 🙂

  2. Your list of movies is quite long, and I must admit there are several that I haven’t seen. However, one that I HAVE seen and love dearly is Joe vs. The Volcano. It reminds me of being a child, wearing one of my dad’s t-shirts for pajamas and laying on his chest on the couch watching tv before bedtime. It’s memories like that which A) make me wish to be a kid again and B) make me anxious to be able to create those memories for my own children, if I ever get to have them someday.

    I think a must-see movie for you is The Holiday. I hope you have seen it. It is definitely on my list of favorites, and I am not exactly a fan of chick flicks in general. I have a few I love (add You’ve Got Mail, The Wedding Planner and Pretty Woman to the top of the very short list) but The Holiday gets me EVERY time. Love it.

    I hope you are doing well chica. I’m thinking of you!


  3. I sign alot of my blog posts this way:

    In the awesome words of Gus Portokalos: So there you go…

    In fact, if I had married my Spanish boyfriend of 3 years they could have made a movie entitled, “My big, fat, Spanish wedding” and it would have been the same movie. Except my dad is not named Gus.

    Rock on wit cha bad movie lovin’ self.

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