true colors

a road worth traveling brings it's fair share bumpsfall is in the air, my sweet homeskillets!!!

fall is my favorite— my birthday is in the fall.  holla! (still looooove presents and a day all about me!)

made perfect through the storm

i believe autumn days are another love letter from God.   the leaves changing colors makes me so happy–  the evolution from hard-working, energy-storing green to pops of red, gold, and orange gives this young (ish) girl hope that just because something is past its prime doesn’t mean the best is over.  maybe, just maybe– God brings out our most beautiful colors after we’ve weathered a few storms.


2 thoughts on “true colors

  1. Fall is my favorite season, as well! Here’s a short list of things I love about the Autumn season:

    -PUMPKINS! I make an attempt to try one new pumpkin treat each year…I feel a blog about that one coming.
    -The rich colors, as you mention – they are vibrant and amazing (and I look good in fall colors).
    -Campfires/fire pits…I can’t wait to start up a crackling fire in our fire pit and sit on the patio with some s’mores, a glass of red wine, and good conversation.
    -The decorations… JR and I were married in late October, and our wedding decor was all pumpkins and gourds and fall leaves in brown and bronze and copper.

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