nerd it up

“rock the dork.”

“nerd it up.”

“geek it out.”

how ever i say it.. the sentiment stays the same.

i’m gonna BE me.

i’m gonna DO me.

i will not worry what others say (or don’t say), do (or don’t do), or think.

rock them with pride

i say, “whatever you do, homeskillets– stay true to the nerd in you.”



6 thoughts on “nerd it up

  1. Sista-friend, you know I embrace my inner geek!

    I love comic books and sci-fi. (geek)
    I own action figures (and in-action figures). (dork)
    Wonder Woman and Superman were the cake topper for the wedding. (geek)
    I remember my first B in school. (nerd)
    I trip on my own feet…without walking. (dork)


  2. I agree. I have the Black Speech of Mordor permanently inked on my skin and am planning a full back tattoo using Tolkien’s symbol. How’s that for geek?

  3. I ❤ this. Geeking out about little things is what makes life exciting! If I didn't geek out every time a movie soundtrack came on that I loved, I think it might disappoint the people around me. =]

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