good stuff

really big shooooooo

so.  the emmys.  good stuff.

jimmy fallon and tina fey are my kind of peeps.

i’ve known this for a while, but last night’s emmy opener sealed the deal.  we could definitely be homeskillets.

take a look at this and try not to be happy:

The Glee Cast in the 2010 Emmy Awards Opening Skit – Video – Glee.

jimmy did a great job keeping the night light and fresh.

i loved seeing coco in the audience .  (he looked so old!)  and,  jimmy–  the joke was perfectly timed.


i loved jon hamm, betty white, neil patrick harris, ricky gervais, and joel mchale the mostest.

i was sad steve carell didn’t win for the office.  really?  this is it, people.  no more michael scott. carell was robbed.


i was happy jane lynch did win for the most awesome character on the planet–


not good

i thought lauren graham needed a brush and a new dress.  bless.

i thought tina fey was hilarious when kyra sedgwick asked her to hold her emmy.  really? really.

and,  i thought kevin bacon looked exactly the same.  i think he sleeps in an oxygen chamber like bubbles the chimp.


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