the happy hour phenomenon

so.  this saturday i ran 4 miles.

do whatcha gotta do

i really wish i could have ran with my super-fit skillets–  they participated in a 10k.  but, due to financial difficulties–  i had to sit out.

a morning with no skillets equaled putting on my big girl panties, and heading out for a solo run.  the good news– i’m getting better with the idea of being solo on the trail.

(LOOK!  i’m maturing and stuff!)

since i was footloose and skillet-free– i got up a little later than usual, and i was surprised at the difference an hour makes in the peeps partaking of the trail.

super cool phenom!

i have decided to call it the happy hour phenomenon.

first of all– everyone is AWAKE (evidently an extra hour of sleep makes a big difference when it comes to this).  i bet they totally had a cup of coffee before leaving the house.  they definitely looked caffienated.

just one of the super slow pairs i smoked

secondly– no one walks alone during happy hour. i saw husbands and wives, young, peppy cheerleaders, old friends, new friends, dogs and their humans– all different ages, and sizes.

these peeps were just out on a beautiful morning–  sharing time and moving their bodies.  there was definitely less walking and more talking going on.

and, to my delight–  i found when caffeinated people pair up and talk–  their gabbing slows them down immensely and i can pass them ALL.

i felt very cool– like a total runner.

numero trois —  EVERYONE is really chipper during happy hour! every peep i passed had time to say, “holla”,  wave, or give the tiny head nod that is also acceptable passing etiquette on the trail.  it was great to have so much interaction!

i mean, don’t get me wrong–   i’ve got my skillets that throw out an occasional “ooo OOO”—  but on the whole everyone is doin’ their thing.  tryin’ to reach their goal.  they’re serious.  the trail is serious.

slow and steady-- enjoys the journey

the happy hour peeps are MUCH more relaxed. in all honesty–   fitness goals didn’t seem high on their agenda–  neither was exertion or sweat.

from what i saw– these peeps were pretty much wandering around with water bottles with no real purpose or plan–  and, they were totally okay with that.  they were truly just in the moment, and really proud of the fact they had decided to start their day in the sunshine– moving.

it made me realize– i might finish the race faster, but the happy hour crowd has something i’ve been missing since i started running.

joy in the moment.

by slowing down and sharing their lives– the happy hour peeps understand what’s GREAT about the trail– it’s the journey.


3 thoughts on “the happy hour phenomenon

  1. Beautiful! I am definitely more of a happy hour peep.
    I do enjoy my walks around the neighborhood with Stryker…children want to pet him, other dogs want to socialize, some people are nostalgic — actual quote from earlier this week: “I had a dog like that once…made it 15 years…I sure do miss him.”

    I hope you are able to find “joy in the moment” more often on your runs!

  2. I love this! My dad always tells me Rebecca, life is not a race, its a marathon. Everyone gets to the end, just set your own pace. There’s peace in that isn’t there? So glad for you!

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