holla-fest quest

8 miles baby!!!  holla!

and like a nike ad– i just did it.

yeah i did!

there was no finesse, no cool energy burst half-way through– i didn’t even have my homeskillets with me!

solo mission

this run was a total solo effort by accident.  my super-fit skillets changed the meeting time because of the heat, but i didn’t get the message until i was in the car and on the road.   so i reached the trail knowing i would be facing this beast alone (not to mention the 2 IT tunnels i am not fond of.  but i digress).

i admit–  for a split second i thought about jumping back in my car and heading for home.

instead i decided this was a defining moment for me.  if i moved my feet in this moment when no one was looking– i would be a true runner.  if i just moved and  finished the 8 mile run on my own–  then i could call myself hardcore.  and, let’s face it– i needed to redeem myself after my unfortunate 7 mile pain palooza.  fo realz.

so.  i put one foot in front of the other.

and somehow it was enough.

rock it like my sista, yo.

as i was running i kept thinking of my sweet sister.  i was wishing she was with me and thinking about how much i miss her.  and i pictured her face.  her goofy, smiling face and i thought if i were lucky enough to have my sweet boo bah by my side– WWED– what would erin do?

the answer was obvious– she’d make me smile.  she’d encourage me and she’d be really over-the-top silly.

i thought–  I CAN DO THAT!

raise tha' roof

so, i made it my mission to make eye contact with as many people as i could on the trail and encourage them in the best way i know how– by raising the roof, throwing out some ooooo OOOOOOs, and telling them to keep going!  i became the sole member of the holla-fest running squadi came up with the name around the 2.75 mile marker.

i acted a fool for every person i passed.  some smiled, some waved back, others picked up the pace and looked confused while shifting their eye contact as quickly as possible.  not everyone understood my methods. that’s cool.

i don’t need to be understood.  but, i do need to be encouraged.

and,  i figure–  if i need a few cheerful words while battling the trail beast– i bet others do, too.  i love being silly and making people smile.  so, i’ve decided i’m gonna rock what the good Lord gave me — which, by the by isn’t a great set of running feet.

during my time on the trail  i’ve seen an odd bunch of characters (who can forget the nearly nude)–  and i am gonna do my best to be just as memorable.

i hope to be known as:

“the slow girl

(this is a speed reference only)

that always rocks it out and tries to put a smile on everyone’s face.”

i plan to throw out as many ooo OOOs and hollas as i can.  and, i pray God will use “the silly”  to show someone they are loved and the effort they are making is seen.

i’m on a mission to change the world one holla at a time–  only God will know if my mission is accomplished.


4 thoughts on “holla-fest quest

  1. This blog alone about your oooo OOOOS and your hollas inspire me to get back out there and get it done. So, keep it up, and go YOU! Eight miles, what an accomplishment! I’ll be lucky if I can go for eight minutes at first! But maybe someday, I’ll get to where you are, and keep up the holla train. Mayhaps, I’ll throw out the cabbage patch, instead of raising the roof. That might take a little more coordination – might have to save that one until I have the whole one-foot-in-front-of-the-other thing down. =)

  2. You crack me. I am so proud of you! You’ve officially left me in the dust with running, but I’ll get over it! Would love to see you on that trail!!!! You go girl! Holla!

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