great run!

this morning was the best run EVER!!

today i beat that baby comin’ and goin’.  yeah i did! of course, i handled the moment with great dignity and maturity–uhhhhhh NOT.  as soon as i passed the tiny slow poke i yelled at the top of my lungs, “i beat the baby! i beat the baby!  he just got skooled!!!!”

i rocked the fist pump

(i cannot confirm nor deny a round of fist pumping)

ahhhhh.  victory is sah-weeeeeet.

this journey has been tough–  in the words of the great aguilera, “after all you put me through… you’d think i’d despise you… hmmm… but i wanna say thank you, baby, for makin’ me a fighter.”

i couldn’t have left that baby momma and her jogging stroller in the dust all by myself.  so, forgive me if i take a moment to say, “HOLLA!!”

  • i wanna thank my amazing homeskillet for believing in me–  and, for forcing me out of bed in the early morn to run in a huge circular pattern.
  • i wanna thank my visor for keeping the sweat out of my eyeballs– cause sweat makes your eyes burn like a murf!
  • i wanna thank marty casey, nelly, and outkast for providing amazing tunage that kept me movin’.  (at one point– i was shakin’ it like a polaroid picture.   i’m sure anyone running by me at this time thought i was having some kinda fit– not that there’s anything wrong with that.)
  • i wanna thank the iron skillet for showing me how to extract liquid from my super-awesome, high-tech water bottle.  (last week i almost gave myself a brain aneurysm by sucking on a closed container as hard as i could–  i got nothin’ out of it but a headache.  word.)
  • lastly, i wanna thank that turtle of a baby for makin’ me a little bit faster.

if this had been all i’d experienced this morning on my 6 mile trek i would have been a happy ‘skillet.  but, God gave me one more treat–  one more running oddity to share.  i saw with my very own eyes– a swest super cyclist.

that’s right.  i saw a large man held up on two, thin tires moving at a rapid, weight-loss speed wearing a bike helmet, elbow pads, and a sweater vest.

two words.

pure. awesomeness.

i've got a GREAT cheer section!

i love that the Lord is in this with me.  I believe He keeps putting these “special” people in my path to encourage me during the painful parts.   i KNOW He’s cheering me on every step of the way– and, i believe we’re having a great run so far!

NOTE:  even with this success– i am still a complete mess.  my running technique is a sad combination of jerky movements and labored breathing.


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