homeskillet playlist

here’s my homeskillet playlist:

1.  your hands “i have unanswered prayers… i have trouble i wish  wasn’t there” no truer words were ever spoken…. love my Lord and i pray for growth through pain.
2.  beauty from pain — this helps me when i’m sad or missing my boo bah.
3.  hallelujah — this song gives me faith heaven WILL have an awesome soundtrack.
4.  popular — kristen chenoweth.  i’ve covered my love for all things

SAH-weeeeet tunage

chenoweth.   i secretly want to sing this song on stage– with the goofy dance break OF COURSE.

5.  defying gravity — because WICKED is AWESOMENESS to the extreme.  don’t get me started… don’t even get me started about my sad attempt to see this show at the orpheum.
6.  poker face (gleeked out to the max) — LOVE, LOVE, loooooooooove GLEE.  sue sylvester.  will shuster.  SAH-weeeeet song and dance numbers.  nuf’ said.
7.  wasting time —  jack johnson reminds me of the dreamiest time of my life– the beginning of my life as mrs. jones— riding around san francisco with my new hubby in a blue convertible.
8.  lucky — i feel this way EVERY DAY.  jason jones rocks!!!!!
9.  let me sign — a tribute to all things twilight….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
10.  stuck in the moment — this song sums up certain times in my life.  i really connected to this song when i first became a mom.  i kinda struggled for a while with my new “super-hero” identity as mom and wife.
11.  get back up — life’s gonna knock me down.  GET BACK UP!!!  that’s all i can do.
12.  ocean size love — i love the thought of seeing God in the sun or where the ocean meets the shore.
13.  my idea of heaven — my hubs.  my boys.  my homeskillets.  my Lord.  this is my idea of heaven. HOLLA!!!

4 thoughts on “homeskillet playlist

    • WICKED is beyond. love this show. my sister saw it in new york without me. good thing i love her so much or i would have cut her out of my life for not taking me with her.
      hope you come back often!

  1. OH MY GOSH!! I love Ocean Size Love. Where has this song been all my life!! LOVE IT!!!!

    Thanks for telling about your playlist. I have new music now. It’s much needed too!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR PLAYLIST!!! LOVE the BEAUTY FROM PAIN SONG!! I found out about this song awhile back googling something dorky like “songs that give you chillbumps” LOL! First time I heard it I LOVED it. Anyway… your playlist rocks!

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