facing down the enemy

so.  my blister is FINALLY better.  i’m still rockin’ a pimp limp– but now it’s just my God given swagger– HOLLA.

face of the enemy

this saturday i’ll be running 5 miles and i only have one goal–  to defend my street cred.  yes, in my world i have mad cred with at least 4 or 5 peeps–  and this whole “baby beat down” is putting said cred to the test.  i have to face the truth–  being taken down by a toddler once is sad– twice is grounds for mockery.  so, my goal this weekend in the wee hours of the morning will be to take out every baby momma with a stroller i see.  i will have no mercy.  their cute faces will not sway me– they’ll only make me more determined to TAKE THEM DOWN.

yes.  i know.  this shows a weakness in my character.  i should be able to cheer on the young mom willing to get out alone with her baby and run.  solidarity and all that.

i promise that will come– after i kick some tiny baby booty.


2 thoughts on “facing down the enemy

  1. I’ll be your material witness when Mr. Jones tries to have charges filed… lol

    You go, girl! You can do it! Beat them down!

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