between me and you

ain't no thang-- but a blog thang

since starting this little blog thang—  i’ve noticed something.

there’s a thin line between being hidden and being transparent.

the difference is simply between “me” and “you”.

hoping my heart is always open...

if i’m writing about my experiences, my thoughts, my feelings– with no agenda except to be KNOWN i hope i’ve stepped closer to being truly transparent–  and, living a life for no one but God .

unfortunately, being transparent when you have the luxury of a DELETE button can be a struggle– and,  like everything else in life it’s my choice.  i’ve found it’s easy to distance myself from my true life story just by using the  word “you” instead of “me”.

hoping to magnify my need for God

i am desperately seeking more love, peace, patience, kindness, forgiveness in my life every second of every day.   but, if i hide my struggles by saying things like, “your heart can only be as open as you let it… you need to forgive as you were forgiven… you need to be slow to anger” — well then, how much longer will i have to live with my hurt or pain just because i keep it in the dark?

when “you” finds it way into the story– an honest retelling of my struggles and joys turns into an empty sermon that preaches things i AM NOT living up to.  if i’m afraid to show how i fail, where i don’t measure up, or when i stumble–  how can God be revealed and work?  how can He lift me up?  keep me humble?  move me to change?

i really hope i’ll be brave enough to keep “you” out of my life.   and, my ramblings will reveal only God’s work in “me, myself, and i”.  i hope if  i expose my soft underbelly– my homeskillets will feel comfortable enough to be just as open with me–

true growth, true 'skillets = true life

because life is a WHOLE LOT BETTER with a few REAL ‘skillets.

i pray by sharing the good, the bad, and the silly of my life i am working towards true transparency and a closer relationship with God– but, ALWAYS staying a girl who likes to say, “HOLLA!!”



5 thoughts on “between me and you

  1. Appreciate you….and your transparency. When you (actually, should I say “I” here?) are transparent, you give others permission to be the same. It’s all good up in that hood.

    Holla indeed.

  2. Good stuff, wife. Love you and am proud of you.

    Also – glad to know that through the years, when you’ve said things like “you need to put these dishes in the dishwasher”, you really meant “I, Tracey Jones, need to put these dishes in the dishwasher.” Appreciate your honesty.

  3. I found your blog through your husbands blog, which I found through Stuff Christian’s Like. Your writing makes me chuckle, makes me tear up, makes me think, but mostly makes me want to keep reading. You’ve done a fine job of keepin it real. Thanks for sharing your story – it is hilarious and inspiring!

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