no shame in my game


okay.  i got up at 6 am and in the loosest of terms ran 4 miles–  there were definite personal lows experienced in the 51 minutes it took to complete a huge circle back to my car.

have you ever had a huge blister on a bunion?


I HAVE— at around 6:30 this morning.  i made it 2 miles before my dogs were truly barkin’.  my legs felt great, my breathing was good, but my feet weren’t havin’ it. i spoke up and told the girls i was gonna have to walk it out a bit.

this is when my marvelous homeskillet yells from the front of the pack, “remember!  when we complete the half marathon (in october) you’ll get a t-shirt!  keep goin’ for the shirt!”

one time i had feet... then i ran

so i responded, “great!  can i use this awesome shirt to wrap my bloody stumps in??!”   at that moment–  i morphed into rachel dratch and became a running debbie downer (WAH WAH).  in my defense– i was in a haze of blistering pain– i blame it all on the pain.

soooooooo…  there i am rockin’ a 14 minute mile alone– when along comes a woman with a jogging stroller.   i assess the situation and it breaks down like this– i can not be beaten by a woman who had a baby at least 6 months ago who is now pushing a minimum of 30 lbs in front of her.

they. pass. me.

and, i’m thinkin’, “oh no you di’ ent baby!” i pick up speed, pass them, and think, “in your tiny little face, baby!” then i realize–  i’m smack talkin‘ a baby in my head–  this has turned ugly real fast.

well.  long story short– the baby skooled me.

OBVIOUS super powers-- NO DOUBT

the “out of shape” mom not only pushed the stroller passed me, but got to the end of the trail, turned around, and WAVED AT ME on the way back to the super-hero clubhouse she and the baby OBVIOUSLY came from.

i finished my first long run a much humbler homeskillet.  i am able to say–  with no shame in my game— i can equally be taken down by blisters and babies.  HOLLA


2 thoughts on “no shame in my game

  1. There is definitely a reason I am friends with you. I am laughing out loud. So what… surpass me and forget the 5k! What’s that about. Leave me in the dust! Can I train with you? I think I can do a 14 min mile!!! =) Love you (i’m serious about the training though!)

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