jedi mind trick

really. really?

so.  i’m getting up voluntarily tomorrow–  at 6:00 am— to RUN to no where in particular for 4 miles.

i am meeting a wonderful homeskillet who says she believes in me and trusts i can do this crazy thing called RUNNING.  i told her my skilz are questionable and she can feel free to leave my limp, lifeless body for the birds to pick clean if i become dead weight.

this particular ‘skillet kicks my 30-something bottom twice a week and keeps me from looking like the cupcakes i love so much– but this week she stepped out with her family and left me to fend for myself for 7 straight days.    i had to fess up tonight and tell her not only did i NOT exercise all week–  i totally ate a cupcake instead of doing squats.

total self-retraint rockstar

but, i explained to her it was really only HALF a cupcake and there were actually 6 in the box.  so, when one considers the fact i left 5 UNTOUCHED cupcakes–  it’s like i actually created a cupcake deficit.  in fact, i’d go so far as to say i am a poster child for healthy eating.

all in all–  my self-restraint and control are killer.

truly legendary force skilz

stuff of legends– true obi-wan kenobi quality —  and, i think it’s the 4 mile trek-to-nowhere that will be dead meat.


NOTE: the above comments should be classified as a “jedi mind trick”– pretty sure mile 1 will bring the pain and the other 3 will just be there to mock me.


One thought on “jedi mind trick

  1. Not that this will help you AT ALL, but have you tried the cupcakes from “The Cupcake Collection” in Germantown (downtown Nashville)? They are the best I’ve had!

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