sooooo… there’s this little movie

wooooooooooooooo hooooooooooo

i can’t wait for june 30th!!!!  HOLLA!!!!!!

the 3rd and best book of the twilight saga FINALLY hits theaters, and you KNOW i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO ready.

i have read the books an obscene amount of times and actually had to confess my obsession to a loving, supportive group of folks.  long story short– i ditched the books and went through a detox period, then i relapsed and re-bought the books, and am now in another detox session– this time relinquishing my copies for the greater good.  i sent them to my sweet boo bah to comfort her the best way i know how– with a healthy dose of forks and edward.

twilight homeskillets

my enthusiasm for all things twilight has helped me re-connect with the 12-year-old girl in me  (surprisingly– not so hard to find), given me great bonding moments i’ll never forget,  and allowed new friendships to bloom with some amazing women.

super-pumped 'skillets

in fact, a few of my fellow twilight sistas (wonderful grown women– happily married, with beautiful children) completely lost their minds — in the best way– at the eclipse premiere yesterday in los angeles and shared this super fun footage:

so, in honor of my twilight homeskillets both near and far–  i want to take a moment to celebrate the awesomeness that IS twilight–  and try to explain for those who have not embraced their inner geek–  what it means to be a twihard.

and, just in case you are wondering:  TWIHARD = AWESOME

1.  twihards have read all the books  so many times that the number is embarrassing to say out loud– SO STOP ASKING.

2.  twihards are split into 2 camps:  TEAM EDWARD or TEAM JACOB.  you cannot “like them both” — SWITZERLAND is for wimps.  be a woman– pick a side.

3.  twihards have their favorite moments memorized and can quote book, chapter, and page number– there may even be a little highlighter on the page.  there is NOTHING wrong with this.

edward marvelous-ity

4.  twihards own at least one piece of clothing supporting the man they deem worthy.  for example–  i own a simple, little shirt that states, ” I FREAKIN’ LOVE EDWARD CULLEN”.   too subtle?

5.  twihards get excited when the forecast calls for rain, they are near a wooded area, or they see a large dog.  (really, it doesn’t take much… a sprinkler, a large bush, and a chihuahua can do the job if we really need a fix)

i love these books and everything that’s come with them.  i fully embrace my crazy fan behavior and enjoy every minute of being a twihard.  i love wearing cheesy t-shirts.  i love getting excited any time i drive by a volvo dealership.  i love that rainy days are now my favorite and seeing a forest makes me happy.  if you don’t understand the twilight phenomenon–  i say  give in, read the books– they’ll make you happy and you’ll wish you could find a boy that sparkles.

SAH-weet sparkle boy



5 thoughts on “sooooo… there’s this little movie

  1. Tonight at 12:10 AM I will be watching Eclipse with several hundred of my closest friends. Wish you were going to be there!

  2. I haven’t even read this whole post yet, but I wanted to say before I even got through the first paragraph that I think Eclipse is the BEST BOOK of the series too!! =]

  3. Ok, now I can respond properly. Kind of like when Bella has to email her mom and tell her not to do anything rash, and then start a proper email. HA! I’m a total geek. I have an application on my facebook, and have done the twilight trivia, and I’m almost ashamed to say that I rank 94 out of 394,833 people. Its ridic. And I have the books on an ereader at work, yes, I purchased them online even though I own the hard copies at home, so that I have something to read at work. Its out of control. I love this! ❤

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