dynamic duo

it’s noon and we’re stuck inside because it’s soooooo hot.  the boys still have bed head–  one is sporting a spider-man costume and the other is rockin’ a pair of blue grippers (to protect the innocent–  i’ll let you guess which is which).

my boys love being super heroes– one minute they’re spider-man trying to climb up walls, the next they’re batman and robin tracking down the joker–  who always seems to be wherever i’m cleaning.

maybe it’s my flair for drama– but, i enjoy seeing my boys running around, dressed up in costumes.  right now, thing 1 and thing 2 are playing in the living room– and, every once in awhile i catch bits and pieces of their conversations.. “help me!  i’m trapped!”… “come and get me mr. spider-man!”

the jones' boys are soooooooo much cooler

listening to their sweet voices makes me  hope they never forget how to be super.

i hope they are always SUPER open with each other–  no shame, no inhibitions– just two boys sharing their time and their lives.

i hope they have SUPER knock-down fights–  worthy of spider-man and venom– so they learn to say,  “i’m sorry” and ask for forgiveness.

i hope they grow up with SUPER strong character– so they can lift each other up and help shoulder the burden for one another when life goes upside down.

i hope they see themselves as a dynamic duo MUCH cooler than batman and robin (the first line of business– nix the tights).

and, when they’re all grown up and the costumes are too small– i hope they know they are loved.  i hope they know that even on a dull day like this they make life better (harder and crazier– but much, much better).  i hope they know i feel SUPER blessed to be their mom.



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