homeskillet sleepover

i miss sleepovers.  in high school my friend joanna was the queen of sleepovers.  she was the best because she was friends with EVERYBODY (excellent homeskillet behavior, in my opinion).

i'm the one with a big, green scrunchie and lots of hair

i was going through some high school photos and found one taken at an awesome joanna sleepover– and the thought occurred to me– i want to do this again.  i want to be silly for just one night with a bunch of friends– then i thought i can do this!  and i’ll include all the things i love!!!

i love pop music.  i love dancing terribly in my living room.  i love  cupcakes of all kinds.  and i love, love, love ’80 movies.

my happiness hits an all time high if i can combine ALL of these things– creating a fantastic explosion of tomfoolery, bad hair, awesome tuneage, and sugar–  throw in a sleepover with a couple of sweet friends and it’s the makings of a great night.  so, here’s an invitation to be a teenager just one more time.

i’ve come up with my favorite sleepover combos — ’cause if this is gonna go down– me and my homeskillets are gonna kick it old skool.

1.  ferris bueller’s day off + culture club + mellow cream cupcakes = matthew broderick’s best performance / i’ll tumble 4 ya / because ferris keeps it super cool under pressure

2.  say anything + whitney houston+ midnight magic cupcakes= lloyd dobler awesomeness (john cusack rocks) /how will i know/ these are a perfect tribute to lloyd and diane’s first date

3.  princess bride + peter gabriel + wedding cake cupcakes= the most perfect fairytale ever/ your eyes/ because buttercup and wesley heart each other forever and ever

4.  dirty dancing + michael jackson +texas milk chocolate cupcakes= patrick swayze, the lift, and “no one puts baby in a corner”/ rock with you/because mr. swayze was a gift from the lonestar state.

5.  teen wolf + olivia newton john + hot fudge sundae cupcakes=  van surfing and awesome over-the-top basketball stunts / physical/ just because these sound awesome

6.  karate kid + a-ha + tiramisu cupcakes=  daniel larusso, mr. miyagi, cobra kai dojo–  need i say more/ take on me/ because “tiramisu” and “miyagi” are fun to say together

7.  some kind of wonderful + the human league + top hat cupcakes= wonderful teenage angst, rich vs. poor, watts gets the diamond earrings/ don’t you want me/ high society cakes for consumption

8.  the breakfast club + simple minds + red velvet cupcakes=  brat pack awesomeness /don’t you forget about me/because the best deserve the BEST

9.  heathers + devo + rocky road cupcakes=  mean girls and how to deal with them/ whip it/ because being mean ain’t easy

10.  goonies + daryl hall & john oates + ginger bread cupcakes= chunk spilling his guts, a baby-faced sean astin kissing the girl, one-eyed willie’s treasure/ your kiss is on my list/to honor the “bread crumbs” they followed to find the gold

mmmmmm... good

here’s to a SAH-weet sleepover!


3 thoughts on “homeskillet sleepover

  1. I made the blog! So exciting! Good combos, Tracey. We SHOULD have a sleepover again. My living room is way bigger than my mom’s was.

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