turning off the telly

"eat a cookie homeskillet"

the morning has been very productive.  thing 2 is at mother’s day out.  thing 1 is playing happily in his room.   i’ve been to the grocery store,  got laundry started, dishes done, and beds made… so, now what?

i’m sitting here with a few open hours–  and, this is where the trouble starts.  i should sit down and have a quiet moment with the Lord– but i am tempted to be selfish.  this little voice inside my head (that sounds remarkably like telly savalas) starts saying things like.. “just take a break.  eat a cookie.  watch 12 hours of america’s next top model. (‘cause you know you can find some tyra banks and 12 skinny chicks on–  at a moments notice)

just one more tyra mail.......

this sad distraction i’ve dubbed slugfest has caught me on a number of occasions– i can name my favorite antm cycle, photo shoot, and winner as proof  (sad, but true).   when this happens– i’m usually crabby, have a headache, and really want to take those girls to get a burger.  and, at the end of this mind-numbing marathon i’m empty and still left with the question… so, now what?

but, when i just say “no” to my  telly savalas brain and a one-way ticket to the slugfest– and choose to spend time in God’s word, or spend my free time writing my sweet sister a letter of encouragement, or step out of mommy-mode long enough to play with the boys–  there’s no room for the emptiness  of  “now what” because i’m filled with the understanding that this is all there is.


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