homeskillet wishlist

so, i have a list... and this is wrong because???

okay… i am convinced that there are certain celebrities i could TOTALLY hang with, and i’m not saying this in a stalker way.  really.

i’m just saying there are certain people in the entertainment field that are homeskillet material– and, of course, i thought it’d be completely lame to list them and expose my cheesy inner dorkiness–  but, really, has that ever stopped me??

soooooo– for no reason at all (or, serious grounds for an intervention)– i give you my homeskillet wishlist:

1.  joan cusack— i swear this girl is my long lost bff.  she just doesn’t know it.

2.  nathan fillion— he is not right, and i love that about him.

3.  neil patrick harris— NPH is the bomb-diggity- ’nuff said.

4.  meryl streep— okay, i know i’m out kicking my coverage with this one, but i think if she’d give me a chance we’d have an AWESOME time.

5.  justin timberlake—  he has no shame, loves the memphis tigers, and inspired me to bring mildly attractive back.  we could totally hang.

6.  jennifer garner—  i’d be really jealous of her all-american good looks and we’d hang out with the kiddos.. totally normal mommy stuff.

7.  kristin chenoweth—  we’d kick it broadway style for realz.

8.  conan o’brien— seriously, how fun would it be to be his friend??

9.  lauren graham— she speaks to the “girl-struggling-to-be-a-grownup”  in me.. plus, we could totally dish about luke from gilmore girls (swooooon).

10.  emma thompson—  she loves jane austen and had the guts to adapt sense and sensibility. for this i bow to her and want to be her friend.

there’s the list ladies and gents.  for better or for worse–  now you know.  and not only have i spent (a.k.a. wasted) time thinking about these imaginary friendships– i’ve shared my delusions with all of you.  there is CLEARLY no problem with any of this.  happy psychosis homeskillets!!


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