gospel according to grover

most favorite book of all time

i remember when i was little,  my favorite story was The Monster at the End of  This Book starring furry, lovable grover from sesame street.   this book was a true walk through a REAL fear– when i was 5.  and i admit, i didn’t want to turn the page and get to the end, but i had to.  i. just. had. to.

with each new page and the closer i got to the end– the more my heart raced.  and there was  grover begging me not to do it– begging me to just stop in my tracks.  close the book.  and move on to safer things.  but, that didn’t seem like an option– even at 5–  i knew i had to face my fear to get past it.

grover tried reasoning with me– “don’t you see??”,  he’d say– with as much patience and calm as he could muster in this frightening situation,  “when you turn the page– you get closer to the end of this book– AND, THERE’S A MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK!!!!”  (his little arms flying and his voice rocketing to new, frantic heights).

he tried barring the way with bricks and ropes.  he even tried begging.

poor, scared grover

nothing could stop me– i kept moving forward– i HAD to face this fear.

finally, there was only one page left–  grover was not happy– he was down-right scared— and so was i.

but, there was a bigger part of me that just. couldn’t. wait. to see how the story would end…

you gotta get the book to find out for yourselves–  this is a must read for homeskillets of any age!!

but, by thinking about this innocent book and how it helped me bravely– and with humor– face down fear,  i started thinking about THE  WORD and how God wants me to respond when i’m afraid.

what if  i faced my grown-up fears with as much excitement as i did when i was 5– looking forward to what the Lord has to teach me.

what if i tackled my problems as quickly i turned those pages– by seeking Him through His word and  prayer.  and, what if i never let fear become a brick wall or ropes that could tie me down– because NOW i walk by faith in what Christ has done in me.

2 Timothy 1:7 says,  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

SUPER ME! powered by love, faith, and hope

i’m grateful a lovable, furry monster and God have taught me walking away from scary situations only leaves you afraid.

and, I DO NOT HAVE A SPIRIT OF FEAR— i walk with a confident assurance in things i cannot see, and i BELIEVE that’s down-right SUPER— grover.


2 thoughts on “gospel according to grover

  1. I love this!! And thank you to your hubby for promoting your blog on fb! Wish we lived closer… Would love for wade and I to be able to get together with you guys! Maybe next time we’re in town. 🙂

  2. i just stumbled across your blog while looking for Super Grover photos. Halloween is this weekend and I’m now making a Super Grover costume for my youngest son. I have 4 here, and one more who lived for 3 days and is waiting for me with Jesus. I too, stay at home with them, and I’m blessed to be able to do so. Thanks for the encouragement! Be blessed!!


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