awesome reflection

blind to our beauty

i don’t know one woman completely satisfied with their reflection–  i know i’m not.   when i look in the mirror all i see are the imperfections–  the signs of age, sun, stress– all the times i’ve let things get to me– are there on my face.

i have a permanent vertical line between my eyes– from squinting in the sun, concentrating on making things “perfect”, disciplining small boys, “debating” with my hubby.  each morning and night i stare at that line and actually try to massage it away with my finger and it makes me sad.  i wish i could go back to an earlier version of myself and say, “look, life isn’t gonna go as you’ve planned.  don’t waste your face on things that aren’t in your control– and, guess what, baby girl, that’s pretty much EVERYTHING.  so, get a good moisturizer, use sunblock, and don’t lose sleep over the fact life isn’t perfect.”

i also have permanent laugh lines around my mouth– they call these ‘parenthesis’–  every time i hear this phrase i picture one little girl cupping her hands around her mouth (forming a parenthesis)  and whispering to another little girl, “that lady has old face”.

whippersnappers mocking my "old face"

now, these lines i wouldn’t trade for ANYTHING–  these lines mean i’ve smiled– A LOT.  it’s comforting to see  they are the deepest ones on my face– much deeper than my worry line.   it makes me feel like i’ve won a battle over time–  you know?

like, even though i’ve gone through some heartbreaking, stressful things– the majority of my life has been spent seeking and living out joy.  my childhood memories are filled with family and elementary school friends… high school is a blur of  my first boyfriend, my first kiss, starring in a school play, and lots of girly sleepovers… college stands out because of some of the best roommates a girl could dream of and meeting my husband… then there’s our wedding day… the birth of thing 1 and thing 2…. and, of course, meeting Christ.

"OH!!! i've had a great life HOMESKILLETS!!

i pray that each day, month, year, as my face grows more and more prune-like i continue to see a deepening of my JOY lines and my vertical stress crack will be like an “up” arrow pointing me to my Father in heaven– reminding me to drop the worry and fear and trust God.  i pray that at the end of my days, my face in the mirror is an awesome reflection of God’s work in my life.  and, for all the beautiful women in my life– i pray this prayer for you!

let’s rock our awesome reflections homeskillets!!!!



3 thoughts on “awesome reflection

  1. My worry lines are around the corners of my eyes. I seem to be the only one who sees them, which could be in part because my glasses cover them…

    I do very much enjoy my laugh lines, however, for the same reasons you mention. I’ve been happy A LOT more than I’ve been sad or worried.

  2. Not fond of my worry lines either, especially since my husband was nice enough to point them out, boy was he stupid. Nobody else has said anything and you can only see them a lot when I smile, so I will take them.

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