happy trails

so, last night i can’t sleep and my mind starts to wander– do you ever do that?  one random thought leads to another, and another,  and then you’re off.  when it’s all done you think — “how in the world did my brain go from here to there?”  well, here’s just a glimpse into my brain and what i’m REALLY thinking about.

my little mind trip begins with the documentary Babies .

i really want to see this movie… for the cuteness factor (seriously off the charts) and for the 4 different cultural experience it allows the audience to go on all from the babies viewpoint.   i think this is the sweetest, most brilliant idea… very excited to see it.

sooooo…. there i am thinking about Babies and how beautiful each baby is when the phrase “beautiful babies” pops in out of no where.

beautiful babies... SO money

now i’m thinking  Swingers and vince vaughn and jon favreau.

that movie was soooo money.  my favorite  scene–  mikey meets a girl, has a great night of swing dancing to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and then totally blows it by calling her machine (remember when we had machines)  a billion times–  it just gets more and more awkward.

poor, poor, desperate mikey.  but, then i think– don’t feel too bad for him cause he wrote and directed the movie and it went on to launch both their careers.. and that’s some big money-sweet honeys-jedi mind stuff right there.

so, now–  of course,  i’m thinkin’  Stars Wars, The Last Star Fighter (a totally AWESOME cheesefest from the ’80s) and favreau again!

totally just Jumangi in space

he wrote and directed a little space movie called  Zathura about a board game that comes to life starring kristen stewart (in this movie she actually opened her mouth when she spoke, didn’t stutter, and showed emotion! crazy).  there’s this one scene in the movie where kristen’s character is frozen–  that gets me thinking about stewart’s monotone performance as bella…  which of course leads me to  Eclipse (in theaters june 30 by the way–YAY!!!!) and how much i love edward and can’t wait to see the tent scene, and bella punching jacob, and the engagement ring..



after about thirty minutes of wandering down a rabbit trail of  thoughts…  this crazy brain of mine settles on edward– and i realized all roads  lead to edward  some how, some way.   who woulda guessed.   and, what you may see as a complete waste of dream time i see as a journey worth traveling!  happy trails and sweet dreams  homeskillets!


One thought on “happy trails

  1. It is soooo good to know that I am not the only person who can go from one random thought to another, hitting about 15 pit stops on the way…

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