things i love

space cupcakes kick booty

i love cupcakes… of any kind.  to me they are like sugary love letters from God.  when i get to heaven i hope Jesus greets me with a red velvet cupcake from johnnie gabriel’s shop in marietta, georgia.

ms. gabriel is a cupcake maestro.. a true artist,  if you will.  her red velvet cake is stuff of dreams and legends… AAHHHHH… i want one right now!

a great book makes my day--- heck, even a bad book is better than doing laundry!

… and books.  i LOVE me some books.

as a stay-at-home mom books have become my link to the outside world.

great books like the Bible or To Kill a Mockingbird literally make me a better person.. they convict me, grow me, encourage me to be MORE than what i feel i am.

other books are simply an escape from the groundhog day existence that is an occupational hazard when your “job” consists of making the bed, vacuuming, washing dishes, clothes, toilets and sinks all while tending to the needs of little people that expect food at regular intervals.  what is up with that?

sweet, sweet edward.... SWOON.....

books like the Twilight series offer me a lifeline and remind me of sweet things— falling in love, the first kiss, that heart stutter that happens when you meet THE ONE.  i’m still a girl who loves a boy, but now there’s this layer of “mommy” that pushes that girl to the back-burner while raising, loving, giving myself as fully as i know how.. to 2 boys that mean the world to me and ARE my world.

so… i love forks, washington and edward cullen because for a brief time i’m not a mom in my sweats waiting for the billionth load of tighty-whiteys to dry.  can i get an AMEN??!!

and, finally, i really love this music video from Kristen Chenoweth.  enjoy.


One thought on “things i love

  1. Adorable! I’m gonna enjoy your blog! I can feel it. And I can give you an “AMEN” because I am right there with ya!

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