new day, new design

well, day 2 of blogging and i’ve already changed my mind on every design decision i made!

i guess starting a blog with a belly full of frozen pizza at 11:00 pm doesn’t bode well for the creative process.   who knew.  i’m still working out the kinks, but i think this is gonna be a fun way to spew out the silliness that is me.

i’ve thought of a few things you might want to know if you are on this journey with me:

first, bless you.   i think it’s neat that you can just sit down.. ramble.. hit ‘send’  and REAL LIVE people may actually read it!

fake people are not my favorite

(as opposed to those FAKE LIVE people– i really don’t care for them.)

secondly,  i have no point or purpose for this blog.

i am not crafty, i can’t cook, i am truly just bluffing my way through motherhood, and my dance skilz (though i feel are AWESOME) really don’t need to be shared or repeated by anyone with .000001% coordination.  (think elaine from seinfeld… only not as graceful)

so, that being said… i can’t wait to see where this goes!  i’ve got a lot to say and i’m a stay-at-home mom with NO ONE to talk to.  i feel that my shut-in lifestyle is a gift!  my thoughts will be FRESH for the universe -with no filtering.

yeah, i see NO problem with this plan.  happy friday homeskillets!


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